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40,000 Jewelry Items including Charms, Religious Jewelry, Karat Gold Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry
40,000 Jewelry Items including Charms, Religious Jewelry, Karat Gold Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry



Square Brilliant Cuts Replace the Princess Cut So That Princess Cut Lovers Can Have That Moissanite Brilliance and Color Level To Match The Round Brilliant Cut!

Charles and Colvard has cut their Square Brilliant Cut Stones so brilliantly, their shine and color are almost too good to be believed! As beautiful as the finest Princess cut - but with the brillance of a round brilliant cut Moissanite! We are proud to bring you access to the "New Princess Cut" -- the Square Brilliant Cut Moissanite Loose Stones and Jewelry from Charles and Colvard and Mrs. Gottrocks!

Click here to see the Moissanite Princess Cut Loose Stones and Princess Cut Jewelry.

Moissanite Princess Cut Rings and Loose Stones Are Now Fabulous!

Princess Cut Moissanites used to be the least desireable cut, but now the new Square Brilliant Cut gives Moissanite lovers who love the Princess Cut the same square shape but with a Brilliance that matches that of the round, oval, heart and other brilliant cut stones.

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