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Every man wants to know the secret of giving great gifts to women, and Mrs. Gottrocks is here to help! We have listed many special gift-giving ideas below you can use as inspiration for your own gift giving. This is not your ordinary list!

Click on the pictures or links to go to a website to purchase that category of item.

Wrapping a gift in an unusual package can help you avoid the horrors of gift wrapping - click here to shop for pinatas.

WRAPPING IS IMPORTANT. Can't wrap? Try a nice gift bag or get help, but never give a sloppy gift. Taking the time to wrap nicely says you care. She'll say you don't have to get her anything formal, but inside she wants to see that box and bow emerge from your pocket as a symbol of your caring. Even movie tickets and a take-out menu can be wrapped!

Why Be Normal? But sometimes the gift is small, but you want the presentation to be grand. Try buying a pinata, a crepe and wire box you stuff with goodies, hang from a tree or a ceiling, and break open with a bat spilling the contents. (FYI - The person with the bat is usually blindfolded, so watch out when doing this indoors!) Pinata's come in many themes, and you and your lady friend (and your friends) can have a lot of fun trying to spill the contents. Put your small unbreakable gift, like a piece of jewelry in a protective box, in with lots of her favorite wrapped candies she can share with friends. Great for giving her a gift certificate to a spa, a gift certificate for something she wants, or a card with a special sentiment and the details of a night on the town you have planned for her.

GIFTS THAT LAST ARE BETTER. It doesn't cost much to find something she'll like and keep forever, looking back at it with a smile, remembering how romantic it was when you gave her the gift. Some examples are a nice locket with a lock of your hair or your pictures, a photograph of the two of you in a nice frame, or a special something she's always wanted but wouldn't get for herself.

Gifts That Last A Lifetime. When you can afford it, why not get her something she can not only treasure but pass down through the family? A special figurine, a painting or a professional photograph of the two of you. The Keepsake Pendant displayed above is a perfect idea. A rock quartz crystal is hollowed so she can place something inside - your special love note, baby hair, something special from someone who has passed, or something you both collected on a special occasion, like sand from a beach. This gift of love would last a lifetime and beyond. Email Mrs. Gottrocks about how to acquire a Keepsake Locket.

WOMEN WANT FLOWERS ON TYPICAL SPECIAL OCCASIONS LIKE BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, AND ONCE IN A WHILE JUST BECAUSE. Every woman likes to get flowers on the usual occasions - but it is even better when the flowers tell a story.
Why Be Average? You can make flower giving very special by chosing a flower you like and telling your lady that flower always reminds you of her, and in every bouquet you send, make sure at least one of those flowers is in the arrangement, whether it looks good there or not!

I often find that if I tell a ladyfriend she can have anything In the Mrs.Gottrocks Fine Jewelry and Gifts jewelry catalog in a certain price range, she will spend days looking and deciding what she wants. I am always surprised how much they love the process of choosing just what they want!

WOMEN LIKE TO SHOP, SO IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET, TAKE HER SHOPPING. But don't just say "Hey babe, lets go get you a birthday present." Take the time to find a store or internet site you think she would like. If you just say here's the store, so what do you want, it won't mean much more than you couldn't be bothered to shop for a gift. Take a walk through. Find a department, area, or items you like, and take her there and tell her you wanted to get her something from that selection of gifts, but you wanted to be sure she'd like it.

Show her the items you thought she might like, tell her if she likes one of them you'll buy it, or if she sees something else you'll look at it. If she doesn't fall in love with something, ask her to pick three or four things, showing them to you, and then you buy it after she leaves the store so she can be surprised. If you take the time to go to the store first, and set it up properly, she'll love it. I often find that if I tell a ladyfriend she can have anything on the Mrs.Gottrocks Fine Jewelry and Gifts jewelry catalog in a certain price range, she will spend days looking and deciding what she wants. And I am always surprised how much they love the process of choosing just what they want!

FLOWERS DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE CUT FLOWERS. PLANTS ARE OFTEN WELCOME AS GIFTS. Dish Gardens like the one to the left are popular and she will remember the gift over time as the plant grows and becomes part of her decor. You can use plants as well as flowers to tell your lady you think she is really something special.
Presentation is Everything. A special arrangement is always a nice way to announce you have decided to take her on a trip, like this catcus assortment might tell her of a planned trip west. Then she has a special plant to not only remember the trip, but how beautifully you surprised her with it! You can also use a tropical flowers to tell her you are taking her to an exotic restaurant, a bonzai tree to hang her birthday pearls on - get creative!

EVERY WOMAN LOVES JEWELRY, ESPECIALLY IF IT SPEAKS TO THEM. You can make your jewelry gift even more special by selecting something you associate with your lady, or something she associates with herself.
Don't just give her candy - put a pair of tickets to a concert or a gift certificate to her favorite store inside the box! Women love gifts that communicate to them! Some examples are buying her candy that represents the state she was born in, or a claddagh ring like the one pictured above for the lady of Irish descent, a special charm or charm pendant (larger charm that can be worn on a chain) with a cat, flower, butterfly or other animal or even a sport she likes. Always buy your charms and pendants with a chain or bracelet to put it on - a lady can never have too many chains or charms for her charm bracelet. (And charm bracelets make for great future gift giving as you can always add a charm for those occasions when you are stumped for another type of gift - but don't wear it out, she won't like getting charms over and over any more than you like getting ties. Variety in great gift giving is essential).

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