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Also see "Why Does Gold Jewelry Discolor", Non-Precious Gemstone Cleaning and Jewelry Cleaning for more information.

There are many ways you can keep your jewelry safe, clean and beautiful for a lifetime of happy wear:

  • Read and save any care information that came with the jewelry and follow the directions.

  • Have your jewelry professionally polished and cleaned at least once a year. Be sure they check prongs or other mounting elements for security of your stones.

  • Avoid wearing when filing, gardening, using household cleaners, doing housework, washing dishes, swimming or other activities that might result in harmful contact with the jewelry.

  • Avoid getting makeup, hairspray, perfumes, after shave, or hand lotions on your jewelry. Always put jewely on last when getting ready.

  • Be careful rummaging around in your purse. You can scratch jewelry and stones on items wandering around in there.

  • Wipe off jewelry after wear with a moist cloth to remove body persperation from the surface.

  • Avoid chlorine bleach at all costs when wearing your jewelry, especially silver jewelry which will oxidize (turn black).

  • Avoid soaking jewelry or gemstones in water for long periods of time, including a bath, shower or swimming pool. See our Gemstone Cleaning and General Jewelry Cleaning pages for more information.

  • Air dry all jewelry before storing it in a jewelry box or armoire to avoid tarnish.

  • When storing jewelry, use original packaging when possible. Jewelry boxes should allow space between items, as one type and style of jewelry may scratch or damage another. Never jumble pieces of jewelry together to avoid damage and chain tangles and knots.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures, and avoid extremes in temperature, such as coming in from a cold, brisk walk and putting a cold ring near a hot stove. Another example is laying a ring on a window sill in bright sun, and then submerging it in hot water.

  • Purchase anti-tarnish strips and place them in your jewelry box to absorb humidity and ward off tarnish of all jewelry, especially silver.

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