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40,000 Jewelry Items including Charms, Religious Jewelry, Karat Gold Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry


Mrs. Gottrocks Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is Solid as a Platinum Nugget!Mrs. Gottrocks was a custom jewelry design and jewelry repair service in Manassas, Virginia, which is now changing its name to Ballerina Cowgirl Jewelry to match our own design line of jewelry currently in production design. It was established by Sheryl Suko, a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate with a GJG degree (Graduate Jeweler Gemologist), the highest degree awarded to jewelers. Ethical conduct and reasonable pricing was and is the cornerstone of Mrs. Gottrocks customer services, including our internet websites. The domain names, and were briefly sold as Ms. Suko retired from active sales to begin designing her own line of jewelry, but have recently been bought back by Ms. Suko in order that she might return the informational pages to the web (and add to them for fun), and return the 40,000 item Jewelry Catalog, which is made available to jewelers through a leading American jewelry manufacturer with a stellar reputation for ethical business practices and customer service - AND those discount prices we have all come to LOVE.

Ms. Suko is currently being featured in a Jewelers of America Careers in Jewelry brochure as an example of someone making a midlife career change into the jewelry field. She was quite honored to be selected, and although she has retired from shop sales, still encourages the public to investigate the jewelry industry as a potential career choice.

Mrs. Gottrocks Fine Jewelry and Gifts was initally created as a personal buying service, bringing together the full service aspects of a jewelry store with the personalized attention of a Jeweler Gemologist usually reserved for only the wealthiest of customers. The vision of Ms. Suko was to create the persona of "Mrs. Gottrocks" as someone who would make our customers feel like they have a relative in the business, who would always give them a fair deal and honest information - and often the kind of information which would save them money in the long run and provide heirloom quality jewelry. Previously located in Old Town Manassas, Virginia, where we performed jewelry repair and sales, due to illness Mrs. Gottrocks is currently operating only on the Internet for jewelry sales through our affiliation with Jewelers Services, and our affiliations with Grower Flowers and MakesParties, among others. We encourage you to make your purchaes through these affiliations to help keep this informational site on the web. We have investigated and posted their policies to ensure you will receive only the best money-back guarantees and only the finest products and customer service.


The spirit of the Ballerina Cowboy is in each and every woman - the beauty and the strength each one projects and inspires in the world around her. The freedom to be what you are, and what life deems you to be - a glorious blend of the expected and the unexpected. Ms. Suko is currently designing this line of jewelry to iinspire the Ballerina Cowgirl in you or the woman in your life - from child to mother to mentor to friend. But where did the name come from?

When Ms. Suko began to design a personal line of jewelry, she looked for a name which would express her tendancy to mix media and express her creativity in additional artistic hobbies. She was reminded of a children's song she wrote by a family member. The song was based on a conversation between two little girls playing dolls. One child, to be greedy, announced that HER doll was going to be BOTH the Ballerina and the Cowgirl, and the other child, without skipping a beat, countered that HERS would then be a Rock Star Astronaut. The copyrighted song was called Ballerina Cowgirl, and the chorus goes:

"I'm a Ballerina Cowgirl, Rock Star Astronaut,
Life is very simple when you know what you're not,
Just a Ballerina Cowgirl, Astronaut Rock Star
Life is very simple when you know what you are." © 1996 Suko/Rinaldo

It seemed the perfect name for jewelry created by someone with such diverse creative endeavors, so Ballerina Cowgirl it became. We were in development of a small Ballerina Cowgirl website when the opportunity to re-purchase the gottrocks domain names was presented, so instead we've blended the two to save duplication of effort. Once the line of jewelry is actually produced, we will open the Ballerina Cowgirl website for sales to the public.


Sometimes you are in a hurry or prefer the convenience of having your gift selection delivered right to your door. Ordering through the internet service saves you a trip out and lets you browse through thousands jewelry offerings at your leisure, with a money-back guarantee. At Mrs. Gottrocks, personal attention is our specialty, and we are always available to discuss your internet purchases so please feel free to call on us.


YES!!! Our website uses the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology to make sure that your credit card numbers are secure at all times! For more information see our Privacy and Policies webpages.


We are very proud of our numerous informational webpages on our website, bringing you jewelry care and interesting facts about jewelry, Moissanite and gemstones. Our Jewelry Catalog provides overnight shipping on most items. Mrs. Gottrocks is a GIA-trained Jeweler and Gemologist available to help you with your purchase. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with questions or for advice before ordering.


Oh Yes! Our prices are responsive to the market, so when wholesale prices are low like they are now, you pay less! And when they go up, our prices are still lower because we don't have to cover the enormous overhead other merchants do. And with our money-back guarantee, you will always be confident that your purchases are wise ones.


We do not advertise, sell or offer the promotional junk other stores or internet sellers use to snag your business, only quality merchandise at very reasonable prices. Poor quality stones and/or flimsy mountings can mean the difference between a valued family heirloom and a jewelry disaster which costs more in future repairs than the piece is really worth.

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Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you will support it by saving yourself money on our jewelry, floral and party offering.


Sheryl Suko, Graduate Jeweler Gemologist, (GIA)
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