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Phenomenal Women LOVE Moissanites - a great gift idea for anniversaries, birthdarys or just to say I Love You!

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40,000 discount fine jewelry items in Moissanite, gold, silver, platinum, and costume jewelry at 30 to 60% or more off jewelry retail and all with our Jewelry and Gifts Money Back Guarantee!

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Moissanite and Fine Jewelry Sales from a Member of Jewelers of AmericaOur Platinum Guarantee40,000 discount fine jewelry items in Moissanite, gold, silver, platinum, and costume jewelry at 30 to 60% or more off jewelry retail and all with our Jewelry and Gifts Money Back Guarantee!

Moissanite Round Brilliant Slide Necklace PendantWelcome to our 7th year online!! The original owners of Mrs. Gottrocks are back, featuring more informatonal pages than ever and our spectacular new SSL Secure Ballerina Cowgirl Jewelry and Gifts Catalog. Our new catalog is filling up fast, so please pardon a little construction as we get underway for a new fall line of gemstone, karat gold, platinum, silver and diamond jewelry.

Moissanite Right Hand RingOur 40,000 Item Jewelry Catalog orders are shipped direct from the warehouse via Next Business Day via FedEx Overnight. However, some of our jewelry catalog orders which require the setting of a diamond or gemstone may take an additional 3 - 5 business days, so please check with the catalog customer service if speed is an issue.

Looking for the sparkle of diamond at a cost you can afford? You want Moissanite ! And now with the new Square Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut lovers can get the shape they love AND the same top color and brilliance as found in the Round Brilliant, Heart Brilliant, Oval Brilliant and all the other brilliant cut Moissanite stones!

Charles and Colvard Moissanite Information

Have a question about our high quality jewelry available at discount prices? Need advice on what or how to buy? Can't find what you are looking for? Email us and we will be happy to assist you. Due to volume, please allow at least three days for an answer.

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The NEW Square Brilliant Moissanite Cut Takes the Place of the Old Princess Cut and It Is Stunning!!!
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Featured Jewelry: Cameo Cat Ring
This Week's Featured Ring = Cameo Cat Ring in the Mrs. Gottrocks 40,000 Item Jewelry Catalog


40,000 discount fine jewelry items in Moissanite, gold, silver, platinum, and costume jewelry at 30 to 60% or more off jewelry retail and all with our Jewelry and Gifts Money Back Guarantee!


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